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            Established in October 2019

            Location Advantage: Linyi as the logistics network center connecting the South and North, is about 120 kilometers from three major ports: Rizhao Port, Lanshan Port and Lianyungang Port, and about 200 kilometers from Qingdao Port. As well as the meeting point of Yangtze River Delta and Bohai economic circle, Linyi is a very important hinterland of the port.

            Freight Forwarding: provide import and export shipping services for container and break bulk cargo, provide over-the-road, rail, and costal intermodal transportation services, one-stop logistics services aiming to optimize import and export operation procedure and reduce customer costs.

            Railway Business: CHINA RAILWAY Express (Linyi to Moscow) opposing traffic, as the departure station and terminal station, with Linyi as the center, to provide customers with all-round railway import and export services.

            Product Logistics: With years of experience as import and export agency, we provide customers with high-quality, efficient and professional services in the fields of automobiles, building materials, chemicals, crafts, fresh food & wine, engineering machinery etc.,.

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