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          Cmlog Cold Chain
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          Main Business:

          Provide international trade, supply chain finance, international transportation agency, customs clearance and inspection, warehousing, sorting and processing of frozen goods.


          Cold Chain Business Overview:

          CMLOG Smart Cold Chain, as the cold chain business segment of China Master Logistics Co., Ltd, is based on the concept of Four Ports Linkage, and has deployed Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo and other ports.

          The CMLOG Cold Chain Project adopts the most advanced intelligent cold storage technology in China to achieve digital, visual and unmanned whole-process management; integrates a variety of advanced intelligent storage equipment, and independently develops a cold chain digital management platform to realize the Full-process visual management of goods from seaborne import, customs clearance inspection, automatic warehouse entry and exit, and supply chain finance.

          a. Cold chain digital management platform: the self-developed "intelligent brain" CCS central dispatching system intelligently dispatches stackers, shuttles, AGV, conveyor lines, elevators and other automation equipment to operate reasonably; "sensing skin" 5G + IoT system automatically monitors the warehouse temperature and humidity, personnel entry and exit behavior; online service platform, encryption key control of goods, customers remote release of goods in and out of warehouse instructions, actively push goods dynamic, full visibility, to ensure the safety of goods.

          b. Automated intensive storage: The intensive storage of double-deep stackers and four-way shuttles greatly improves the storage capacity of the warehouse, and the storage capacity of the same area is more than twice that of the traditional cold storage.

          c. AGV intelligent handling in the hallway area: AGV are automatically connected to the automation equipment in the storage area, replacing the original manual tally and forklifts, which not only improves the efficiency and quality of warehouse management, but also greatly reduces the daily operating costs of the warehouse.

          d. Whole-process logistics chain service: Warehousing is linked with customs, yard, wharf, and shipping and freight forwarding, and can provide customers with full-process services such as mortgage box and changing orders, customs declaration, and plugging in cold boxes, saving customers a lot of logistics and transportation costs.

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