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          Shipping Agency
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          Shipping Agency

          International Shipping AgencyEmergency Rescue and Tugging Issuing B/L on behalf of CarrierChartering and Booking Services Spare Parts Logistics


          International Shipping Agency

          Covers Container Liners, Dry Bulk Carrier, Oil Tanker, Liquid Chemical Tanker, Refrigerator Ship, Semi-submerged Ship, FPSO and Floating Dock etc.

          Emergency rescue assistance, salvaging and tagging, ship purchase & sale and ship repair agency services etc.

          Preparing and declaration of cargo manifest, Releasing D/O and Issuing B/L on behalf of carrier, Business Settlement.

          Acquired ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification accredited by DNV .

          Membership of CASA and Integrity Partner awarded by Qingdao Ship Owner Association.

          Top10 Comprehensive Services Shipping Agency Companies in Golden Wheel Award ( China Freight Forwarding Industry Award )



          Spare Parts Logisitics: Arranging customs clearance and transfer of spare parts by shipping or air freight, loading and discharging, storage and lashing.

          Chartering and Booking Services: Providing inquiry of ship schedule, dry bulk cargo freight rates and ocean freight, negotiation of ship or space chartering, ensuring the link-up of ship and cargoes.




          Ship supply: Arranging bunkering, fresh water, provisions and ship store supply etc.


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