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          Shingo Icarrier
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          Business Introduction

          Self-owned 200 vehicles, more than 500 joined vehicles and constantly enriched and expanded capacity pool provide customers with a stable and reliable capacity guarantee all year round

          Professional drivers team with unified service standards and rich experience creates a model capacity team in transportation industry

          Cargo Transportation Insurance is complete and various supervision qualifications of vehicles are available

          The network layout which is centered on Tianjin and Qingdao as well as radiating the northern source of goods has been completed; the construction of southern port centers such as Shanghai and Ningbo will be accelerated in the future


          Platform Function

          The self-developed land transportation management platform supports multi-port access and different identities login, realizing the digitization of logistics operations, the electronization of business, and the networking of operation

          The five streams including business flow, information flow, capital flow, bill flow, and cargo trajectory flow are integrated with each other

          Accurate face recognition,dangerous driving intervention, driving safety improvement and accident rate reduction ensure smooth delivery of goods

          The unique and advanced algorithm is formed through big data analysis whose data source is accumulated from years of industry experience to improve business matching, reduce empty driving, utilize capacity resources effectively and build a high-quality online freight platform


          Development Process

          In August 2020, the online freight sector - Tianjin Shingo Icarriar Center was established.

          In September 2020, Shingo Icarriar Online Freight Platform started to build.

          In October 2020, the PC and APP side of Shingo Icarriar Online Freight Platform was tested in operation.

          In November 2020, Shingo Icarriar Online Freight Platform obtained the Internet Content Provide License (ICP) and Information Security Level Protection (Level 3) Certificate

          In December 2020, Shingo Icarriar Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch was established

          In June 2021, Shingo Icarriar Co., Ltd. was approved for the online freight business license.

          Business circumstance

          Until December 2021, Shingo Icarriar has achieved a total transportation mileage of 6,069,695 kilometers, container volume of 258,924 TEU, 166,424 trains, 170,818 orders and 1,598 general carrier sites and owned more than 700 registered vehicles as well as 800 active drivers.

          Main Partners

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