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          Bulk Logistics
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          Various value-added services

          The designated cooperative suppliers of global general agents, established long-term stable cooperation with worlds major miners, grain traders and domestic steel mills and traders. Providing customs clearance, cargo supervision/control, entrepot trade, sea-railway transportation, bonded warehousing, futures delivery, minerals blending/screening/crushing/processing for ore, coal, crude oil, grain and other bulk commodities. Public ore bonded warehouses distribute in ore terminals of Qingdao Dongjiakou port & Qianwan port, Dalian port, Yantai Port, Rizhao port and Fujian Kemen port . The storage capacity is about 20 million tons. Rich experiences in bulk cargo shipping agency, and the ports include Qingdao, Dalian, Rizhao, Lanshan, Lanqiao, Ningbo, Lianyungang, Yantai, Tianjin, Kemen and Zhanjiang etc. In 2020 CML operated 71 million tons of bulk cargo in total, including 11 million tons of International transit cargo to Japan and Korea. Performed shipping agency service 158 voyages.


          Industry Leading Functional Information Management Platform

          Based on the characteristics of bonded blending and the features of bulk commodity, which are large volume, multiply batches and requirement of high efficiency, our team has rich handling experience and rigorous operation process. With a strong support of information processing and management system, we ensure the project running accurately, real-timely and efficiently; ensure the customers information kept integrally; and ensure operation process seamlessly, transparently, traceability and data sharing on-timely. In addition of original Bulk Cargo Management System, we introduced Cargo Watch App, Drones Application, especially the Cargo Watch APP system was widely recognized by customers; UAV 3D mapping technology has been accepted and promoted by the Customs.


          Business Clients

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