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           Established in July. 2009



           Shipping Agency: container liner ship agent of KMTC, CMA-CGM, YML, EMC and other international well-known ship companies, Vale ore ship, bulk bulk cargo, general cargo, RO ro ship, special ship, dangerous goods ship, as well as foreign trade domestic branch line and domestic trade ship agent business


           Feeder Service: coastal feeder service for foreign or domestic of Ningbo-Lianyungang-Rizhao-Qingdao-Dalian and other coastal ports, as well as domestic trade transport services connected to Hainan in series

           Freight Forwarding: provide import and export shipping services of containers, general cargo and bulk cargo; provide multimodal transportation services such as road, railway and coastal transportation; make one-stop logistics scheme design for customers; be the designated agent of Lianyungang of many international NVOCC companies, such as Expeditors, Kuehne + Nagel, Damco, etc

           Sea rail intermodal transport: land bridge sea rail intermodal transport, transit, export, Central Asia train, China Europe train freight forwarding; domestic railway bulk cargo, container forwarding agency business, etc

           Customs Service Center: independent brand customs declaration service, customs registration code: 3207280187, providing customers with safe, high-quality, fast and efficient one-stop customs clearance service, as well as commodity code classification service, etc

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