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            China master logistics (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. was established in May,2011.


            Freight forwarding: the booking agent of ONEHMMCOSCOHPLEMCFESCOKMTCOOCLYML,etc.


            Cargo transportation: professional service for bulk cargo, equipment, project logistics. Provide Customs clearance and cargo inspection service both for export and import cargos.


            Project Logistics: Heavy Hauling, Factory relocation Solution (Door to Door) Design and Consultation.


            Multimodal transportation: dedicate to multimodal transportation to Russia, Mongolia, Five Central Asian countries.


            Coastal Transportation:Dalian-Qingdao-Lianyungang-Rizhao-Ningbo Foreign Trade Feeder Services and Domestic cargo trans.


            Shipping agency:Shipping agency of Container liner,Bulk cargo ship,VLOC,VALEMAX.

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