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           Established in Apr,2017

           Location advantage:the hub connecting Centeral Asia,Europe,Qingdao and other ports.

           Cargo agency: we provide container and one-stop supply chain logistics import & export agecy servce.

           Air operations:based on the long-term cooperation with airlines,we provide air booking service from Zhengzhou Air Port to all over the world.

           Railway business:we provide a railway transportation agency service from Zhengzhou to Centeral Asia,Europe and Russia.

           Supply chain management service:relying on the advantages of CML's branches at different ports,we provide a full range of supply chain management service.

           Product logistics:with years of experiece in import & export agency,we provide a high-qulity,efficient and professional service in automotive,engineering machinery,chemicals,building materials,etc.

            Land transportation business: The container import and export transportation from Qingdao, Tianjin, Lianyungang and other ports to Zhengzhou, providing professional services at extremely competitive prices.

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