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          CFS Services
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          Depot Service

          Container ManagementDepot ServiceContainer LeasingContainer Technical ServicesLCL LogisticsBonded Logistics


          Depot Profile

          Container depots in Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo, Rizhao and other ports to provide you with comprehensive CFS and warehousing logistics services

          Presently total yard of 120.04thousand m2 and warehouse of 5.24 thousand m2 to meet the handling requirements for a variety of goods, empty containers and laden containers.

          Daily stowage capacity of 111,000 TEU to meet customers needs at any time.

          Presently equipped with 56 sets of machineries such as container FLT for handling empty and laden containers.

          Complete informatization management of the whole business process to guarantee efficiency and quality

          Established closely cooperative partnerships with more than 30 shipping liners and container leasing companies


          Export Volume (TEU)


          Container Management

          Predominant geological location&professional equipment.

          Round-the-clock services guarantee high efficiency container inspection,quotation,maintenance and transference etc.

          Multi-depots container dynamic management with features of real time and efficiency and real-time data sharing.

          The self-developed unique storage system such as Automatic seals Assignation.


          CFS Service

          Loading and unloading of import/export,cargo transshipment.

          Container transportation-assembling&evacuating.

          With seamless link,we can share data with partners in time.

          With self-developed Terminal Automatic Gate,Self-service Payment and On-line/APP,we support efficient services.


          Container Leasing

          Professional operation team composed of IICL inspectors.

          Dedicated maintenance workshop,equipment and technical support.

          Container on-hire/off-hire,inspecton,quotation,maintenance and repairing services.

          Reefer on-hire/off-hire,inspection,mainte-nance and refrigerant alteration.


          Warehousing Logistics

          Bonded&non-bonded logistics,LCL,consolidation logistics.

          One-day trip in bonded logistics zone.

          With Automated Guided Vehicles,we have achieved impersonal operation in warehouse.

          Real-time and dynamic container information management and automatically sending EDI.

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